"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7


Photograph of myself in front of greenery

My name is Shannon Mitchell and I am a recent graduate of Florida State University, with a BA in English, focusing on Editing, Writing, and Media, with a minor in Communications.  Throughout my college years, I have been involved in supporting our military.  I have previously held the Webmaster Chair position for the Thank A Soldier Organization of FSU.  By holding this position, I was able to not only develop a greater audience within the cyber world and bring awareness to the organization, but I also helped organize events, in which the general student populace was able to gain awareness in a fun manner.  In addition, by creating these events, I learned organizational skills that have helped me to work in an orderly fashion, transferring over to my current positions.  I have also had the opportunity to be the editing intern at the Veteran’s Center of FSU.  This position gave me insight on the lives of student veterans and allowed me to work alongside them in order to help make our university more veteran-friendly.  Within this position, I was also able to assist students with writing assignments, and projects.  It gave me the experience of working alongside others, while also gaining experience within my field of study.  I am also currently holding the position of Webmaster with FSU Communications’ Creative Services to develop the new website for the Veteran’s Center of FSU.  Throughout these experiences, as well as developing my own personal page, I hope to gather enough experience to aid me in my search of a future career.  Though my dream career is to work with the military as a civilian, continuing the path that I am currently on, I have also gained insight into Public Relations, and an interest due to my position as Webmaster.  My job requires me to work diligently, and in a timely manner, meeting deadlines, in order to publish works on the website on designated days.  This has furthered my organizational skills, and has also showed me how to work with other people in order to gather the necessary content to write.  Through all these experiences, I have gained more than basic and necessary people skills, developing personal relationships and great networking opportunities.


I survived college without even one all-nighter!

I like to maintain a professional side, however, I am a fun person to be around, who has let every experience, opportunity, failure, and event shape who I am today. As mentioned, I am hoping that my current positions allow me to seek a future with working with the military.  More information can be found here.

I have an extreme love for God and firmly believe that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross and be resurrected to allow us to be forgiven for our sins and reunited with God in Heaven by simply believing that God is the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. Though I am far from perfect, I strive to be the godly woman who I am supposed to be every day.

God is always going to be my number one focus.  I do value my family and friends, though, and would do anything for them.  I tend to be a compassionate person, who tries to help in any way possible, and lend a listening ear.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Florida when I was eleven years old.  I miss the beauty of the West, but am blessed to be in the Bible belt, in order to grow my faith through the Baptist Church, unlike the dominantly Mormon atmosphere in Utah.

Some of my likes, interests, and other random quirks:

  • I am obsessed with my fairly new dog, Tucker. He is a giant turd, but I don’t know how I would manage in a stressful world without him. He’s truly a blessing from God.

    We like to keep it real.

    We like to keep it real.

  • I love, love, love dance, so don’t mind me ranting and raving and going on about the latest in the dance world.
  • One of my most-visited posts is actually about my pet peeves, which I find slightly humorous.
  • Who doesn’t love snail mail, because I sure do! I may not be the quickest at responding, but if you are looking for a penpal, look no further.
  • I recently died my hair red. While I love it, and definitely can rock it, I miss my natural hair.

Tell me a little about you!!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.  Please feel free to ask me any questions that come to mind, say a friendly hello, or simply check out what I have to offer.  Thanks for stopping by!


13 comments on “About

  1. jotsfromasmallapt
    June 4, 2013

    I do so believe in volunteering…good for you! I’m also appreciative for the follow….

    • Shannon
      June 4, 2013

      Thank you! I am such a fan of helping those around me. Thank you also for stopping by and checking out my site. I look forward to reading more of your content!

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  3. Lorna's Voice
    June 17, 2013

    Just wanted to pop over and say thanks for the follow! :)

    • Shannon
      June 17, 2013

      Thank you for coming over to check out my blog! (:

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  5. thoughtsappear
    October 17, 2013

    So what’s FL feeling like now? I think I’m traveling down there in a week or two.

    • Shannon
      October 21, 2013

      Still up in the mid to upper 80s most days, and about in the 60s at night. What part are you traveling to, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • thoughtsappear
        October 22, 2013

        Looks like Tampa and Orlando.

        • Shannon
          October 22, 2013

          Ooo that will be fun. (: I’m sure its a bit warmer there because its further south than I am, but we did have a cool front come in today, with lows in the 50s and soon-to-be 40s the rest of the week. Safe travels!

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  7. likebabybearsoup
    February 24, 2015

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog. I, too, love the Lord and want to love Him more. I believe your blog will help me to do that! So looking forward to reading your posts. Have a blessed day!

    Here’s my blog if you’d like to take a look:


    • Shannon
      February 24, 2015

      Aw thank you, friend! Don’t you think its amazing that brothers and sisters in Christ can connect from all over the world on platforms, such as WordPress?

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