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#TuckerTuesday | The Happiest of Birthdays

It’s a Tucker Tuesday, but one that is even more special than the rest. This day two years ago, I rescued a smiley, overly – excited pup, who ended up rescuing me in a lot of ways. Tucker, then 1, really picked us out instead of us picking him out.


It was coming up on my college graduation, and, knowing that I would have more time on my hands with not having to study anymore, I decided that I wanted to invest in a dog. Luckily, the shelter in Tallahassee, Florida was pairing up with the Red Cross for a blood drive. If you donated blood, you got a fee waiver that could be used to adopt an animal, get your animal vaccinated, or any other expenses the shelter could provide. Josh and I had been scoping out which pup would fit perfectly for us. We had quite the list of dogs that could be ours. I was looking for a little bit of an older dog to not be overwhelmed with puppy training. God must have smiled about that one.

When we first meet the formerly-known-as Champ, he wasn’t fixed. That was a slight turn-off for me, thinking of expenses and having to deal with the hormones. He was booted to last on our list. I will never forget when we took him to the play area at the shelter; he tackled me with kisses! It was like he knew we were his forever parents.

Well, the day came to donate blood and adopt. Unfortunately, all of the dogs on our list had been spoken for, except for Champ, aka, Tucker. Ad we filled out the paper work, we were informed that he had been fixed too, which was mandatory for any adoptable animal. I was delighted! We were handed the leash and headed on our way home, Tucker in tow.

It certainly has been an adventure. I’ve been taught a ton about patience and unconditional love, and what it means to be a best friend. So, today is for Tucker. Happy adoption birthday to my little bub.

We will be celebrating this weekend, and photos will follow! Keep your eyes open for loads of puppy smiles.


What is your adoption story?


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