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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Just Another Manic Monday | 5-11-2015

Life, man, life. That’s all I’ve been able to think lately, really. I haven’t been bloggin hardly at all because I’ve been so busy/tired/unmotivated. What’s been keeping me preoccupied? Mostly work. But, I’ll give you a rundown with pictures, because we all love visuals. 

   First off, like I said, work had been occupying most of my life. I’m totaling out to about 40 hours a week, which is gpod, but which also totals to about 20 hours of commuting. This past week was the peak of our Frappicino Happy Hour, where all frappes were half price. Great for business, but exhausting for employees. We all survived,  but not without a few hits. Saturday was the busiest day I have seen at Starbucks, and probably the most stressful. I managed to break my toe and have a panic attack, but more on that later.  

    Josh and I have had a few nice and much needed dates lately. We, of course, saw the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling it. Josh also surprised with and evening at the Cheesecake Factory last week. Yum! 

I’ve been updating my wardrobe a little and have been actually buying mostly dresses. So, yay me for being girly and professional and stuff!

Lastly, the big kicker, I’ve been having som issues with my right foot (see what I did there!). Last week I met with a foot and ankle specialist after having some X-rays done, and found out that I have tendinitis. Apparently, it’s most common in older women, so it was a shocker to the doctor. I already have osteoarthritis in both my knees. I’m not just an old soul, but an old body too! Haha! I’m managing. It’s been frustrating and a little hard though. I joined a gym the day before I was put in the boot, and I’m not allowed to even swim. Then, on saturday, I managed to get the same foot stuck under the freezer door, and break a toe. I know it could be a lot worse though. I am alive am kicking! And I haven’t forgotten about all you lovely readers. Life sometimes just takes over whether we want it to or not. Just make sure that life doesn’t live you, but you live your life. Cherish the good and bad moments, even when you are physically broken. 

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