"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

High | Low 3-2-2015

Happy Monday everyone! This past week/weekend I didn’t blog too much, so I thought I would sum up the weekend with some highs and lows. This is something that my middle school bible study group use to do, and something I have seen many bloggers do. Pretty much we just highlight some good points and some not so good points from the week. I’d love to hear all of your highs and lows too, and pray for you all. 

This weekend was pretty relaxed. 

High: it’s my birthday month 🍀🍀

High: I applied for a job at the library on Friday. 

High: it snowed again. Josh and I ate some snowflakes. 

Girl Eating Falling Snowflakes

Low: it snowed again, which makes traveling a little difficult. Church was cancelled Sunday from the snow. 

High: The Walking Dead is on Sundays. 

Low: I’ve been suffering from some migraines this weekend.  I haven’t been motivated to do anything because of the pain. 

High: I had a doctors appointment this morning that helped situate my migraine issue.  The sunrise was quite pretty. 

Weirton, West Virginia Sunrise 

Low: my background check for my new job has been taking awhile to process, so I wasn’t allowed to start at Starbucks today. 

High: because I didn’t have to work, I was able to apply for another job today, and get some rest to get rid of yet another migraine. 

I should start feeling better soon. Please say a prayer for me! 

What were some highs and some lows for you this weekend? Anything I can pray about for you? 


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