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6 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Love 2-9-2015

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Some of you may be groaning, while others are anticipating an evening to dress up in the little black dress.  I have been in both situations.  And while I use to hate Valentine’s Day, this year I am trying to approach it differently, despite having a boyfriend.  You see, last year I was with Josh for Valentine’s Day as well, but we had discussed celebrating and making a big deal out of it, and decided to treat it just like any other date night.  While I still hoped for flowers (and do this year…I mean, come on now, I AM a girl), having a different look at V-Day can change the way you look at it and even give you a reason to like/love the Hallmark holiday.

Here are 6 reasons why I love Valentine’s Day:

1. December offers Christmas, filled with greens, golds, and reds.  It is a time for decorations out the whazoo! It’s magical, like living in a fantastical realm with the amount of glitter that coats the winter holiday.  However, come New Year, we have a month of gloom.  The decorations come down, and we are surrounded by blues.  While blue is a wonderful color, it is a cool color.  Valentine’s Day offers relief to that.  With pinks and reds and whites, as well as many decorations and themed supplies at the store, the magic reappears to kick-off another slew of holidays (St. Patrick’s Day, Easter…).

2. I said supplies and I meant it! Valentine’s Day is one of the best times of the year for grabbing lovely goodies for crafters.  Whether you like to make Valentines for all your friends, or you need new scrapbooking supplies, say hello to a second Christmas!

3. Make that a third Christmas for the day after V-Day! Hello 50% off all candy!

4. Going to the movies on Valentine’s Day isn’t just for those with the date.  Have a girls’ night or bro date!  Some really great movies typically come out around Valentine’s Day.  In the past, I have enjoyed the movie “Valentine’s Day,” as well as “Friends with Benefits.”  Though I am not going to see “50 Shades of Grey,” there are some other movies out and about that look great (I have yet to see “American Sniper.” And yes, it is still in theaters!).

5. Connecting with the extended family is something that I have been doing lately, but every year since I can remember, my grandparents on both sides have sent me Valentines.  What is better than getting some old-fashioned snail mail?!

Tucker likes to help me write letters too.

Tucker likes to help me write letters too.

6. Remembering all that you love, not just your significant other is another way I am looking at V-Day this year.  Valentine’s Day has been focused on our significant others for far too long, when really it’s supposed to be a day just focusing on love.  Do you love your parents? Your neighbors? Your dog?  Then celebrate them (and give your dog an extra kiss for me).

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be Hallmark inspired.  It can be what you want it to be.  Celebrate what you love!

I love all of you lovely bloggers <3

What do you love about Valentine’s Day?


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3 comments on “6 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day

  1. Helen
    February 11, 2015

    Such sweet post!

    • Shannon
      February 12, 2015

      Thank you, Helen! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and week!

      • Helen
        February 12, 2015

        Thank you Shannon! Yout too! :)

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