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5 Ways to Soup Up Your Super Bowl Party

Of course, I only really watch Seminole football. My step-dad took this awesome picture of Chief Osceola and Renegade.  (Water's Edge Photography)

Of course, I only really watch Seminole football. My step-dad took this awesome picture of Chief Osceola and Renegade. (Water’s Edge Photography)

As many of you know, Super Bowl XLIX is right around the corner, literally.  Being that it is tomorrow (and for some reading this, it might even be today), the excitement of gathering around the TV, binge-ing on delicious food, and having a friendly (hopefully) competition with your friends who are going for the opposing team.  Perhaps you are a die-hard fan of football, and cannot wait for the game, or maybe you are like me, who had to look up what Super Bowl this one was, and just enjoy the food.  Either way, with less than 24 hours until kickoff, here is your guide to soup up your Super Bowl party (see what I did there?).

1. Food is key.


Whether you have a five-course meal planned, or you have finger foods ready to go, make sure to have enough.  If you are like me, and don’t necessarily watch the game, invite some of your girlfriends over with their husbands/boyfriends.  While the guys watch their game, host a recipe swap.  Not sure how that works?  Ask your friends to bring a small dish (it can be dessert oriented or not.  It’s totally up to you!), and a copy of the recipe.  That way, when everyone is eating, they can snag the recipe for their own use.

2. Who is coming?

Do you have a family?  With kids? Lots of kids? Do your friends have kids? Are they coming too?  Though you may have a large backyard and playroom, it is inevitable that your kids will get antsy or have tons of energy (somehow I always end up playing with the kids at events like these).  A great and fun way to channel some of that energy is to supply a craft.  Valentines day is only two weeks away, and if your kids are elementary level, then chances are they will be exchanging Valentines.  Why not set up a table with glitter glue, some colored paper, funky scissors, and markers?  The kids can create whatever they please, but can also knock out some special Valentines for their teachers.  It’s always a bit more meaningful when its made, not store-bought, don’t you think?10928142_10206033684340364_1135863425_n

3. Commemorate the moment.

Another fun way to entertain the kids is to set up a photo booth with props.  This can also be used for the adults.  You can find a lot of fun and FREE props on Pinterest.

4. For the adults.

Maybe your party isn’t really kid-friendly, which is totally okay (and often more fun)! You can create a drinking game to go along with the big game.

Take a shot for every 10 yards gained by your favorite team.

Shotgun a beer for every touchdown your team makes.

For every bad call from the refs, take a shot.

These are just some suggestions.  You can modify them, or create your own!

5. Game time!

Have a pregame two-hand touch game in the yard, or play board games during the game.  Obviously, with snowmagedon going on right now, playing outside may not be plausible.  Gather up some of your favorite board games, or card games and play leading up to the gafootball-player-clipart-zyTkdMEiEme, during, halftime, or after.

Hopefully this list will get your mind going if you are struggling to set up a last-minute party.  Good luck to your team!

What would you add to this list?  Do you have any Super Bowl traditions? 


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