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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Romans 12:2 Renew Your Mind

10833703_10205716196563368_239891505_nFor a long time, I would read this passage and think of “typical” sins. Don’t have sex, don’t lie, don’t steal, that kind of thing. But, tonight God has really just spoken to me on what it means to not conform to the ways of this world. This time of year is always full of excitement, busy schedules, commercialism, and expenses. Not all of these are bad. However, expenses for me have always been a very difficult thing. I hate spending money and honestly would be okay resorting back to trading chicken eggs for milk. Bills…I hate bills. Point made. Being a fresh graduate of college, bills add up, and money is tight, leaving surprise situations a dread. Lots of stress falls on my shoulders. Money has always been something I worry about the most. But tonight, God has said, “Quiet, child.” Conforming to this world includes worry of material things, such as money and expenses. You are not trusting in me. Sometimes I wonder where God is. I scream for help, but don’t hear a reply. It’s because I’m looking and listening for something grand. No matter what way God speaks, it will always be grand, but that doesn’t mean he will come down from heaven on a cloud to have a little chat. He speaks to us in other ways, such as this scripture shared on my twitter feed tonight. Worry is a way of buying into this world. It distracts us from trusting God. To renew my mind of God and His plan, my thoughts will be transformed to what I need to remember as the most important thing ever: my salvation. My promise is an eternity in heaven, which needs to be my focus on a daily basis.

Lord, thank you for speaking to me tonight in such an Aha! Way. You know my needs, my concerns, my fears, and worries. I know you are more powerful than all those things combined. Remind me of that. Lord, I ask for help in this difficult stage of life. Give us hope. I thank you for today: for the food, shelter, job, family, friends, clothes, water, electricity and more that you have given me. I take all those things for granted. Worry has me loose sight of those. Lord, thank you for directing my eyes back to you. I love you and praise you with joy! Amen


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One comment on “Romans 12:2 Renew Your Mind

  1. Lyndille Mae
    December 15, 2014

    No matter what way God speaks, it will always be grand, but that doesn’t mean he will come down from heaven on a cloud to have a little chat. ~ This has truly arrested my attention, thanks for sharing :)

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