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Who’s really benefiting from the GI Bill?

Who’s really benefiting from the GI Bill?.

Wow. Just wow.  There are many different things within this article that have my head spinning.  For one, I feel that anyone pursuing a college degree should do their research before making a decision.  I do feel that the veterans that have faced issues within the University of Phoenix have been gypped.  From the reported success rates in accordance to graduation, the University of Phoenix needs to reevaluate their programs and motivation.  For a university that advertises so much, they do not have much to show in terms of success.  Garland Williams avoided the question regarding career success for students post graduation, claiming that the students chose to attend the university.  While that may be true, that they made the decision, it is also the responsibility of the university to return what students are paying for with education and career-readiness. Yes, the market after college is demanding and competitive, I should know.  However, for a university offering such benefits to veterans, their success rate should be determined on how many graduate, and the assistance that the school provides in finding future career paths.  At Florida State University, where I work alongside the veterans on campus, one of the main goals for the entire campus/university is to provide a helpful, impacting, and successful environment for student veterans.  This includes partnering with outside sources to help student veterans find a job after graduation.  In addition, FSU student veterans have been lobbying for a change for tuition fees, which has been successfully passed, allowing student veterans in-state fees.  This is to benefit those that attend our college; not rob them of their money! Of course, there will always be the select few that do not find jobs, drop out, or blame the university for stealing their money.  What I don’t understand though, and this goes for any student at a college, is that if you are paying X amount of dollars, why are you not reciprocating the effort put towards an education.  There is a lot that goes in to filing your paper work, grading your papers, creating a lesson plan, and ensuring you have a positive, and experience-rich time while in school.  You will only get so much out of your education as you put in.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it can go both ways.  Though I find this story to be credible, and am sad to see veterans being taken advantage of, and being falsely recorded in the system, I also want to say that there are other universities out there that are better suited for student veterans.  Maybe this is a shameless plug for FSU? I am not sure.  More than anything, I needed to rant.  I have seen both sides of the education system, being the daughter of a teacher, and granddaughter of a principal. Both educators and students alike need to take initiative.

That is one thing that I find amazing at FSU; the dedication to both veteran and non-veteran students.  However, the amazing support and growth that has taken place over the past few years is incredible.  Each year, for example, Tallahassee hosts a Capital City Veteran Consortium, that is primarily hosted by FSU, Tallahassee Community College, and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.  This event also includes local businesses, faculty, staff, and students, as well as people from the community of Tallahassee that want to help.  It is essentially a brainstorming event that helps Tallahassee and the colleges in the area increase their veteran support, seeing what changes need to be made, or where student veterans are succeeding and failing.

Maybe I am biased in my opinion over this scenario because I work with the veterans at FSU.  However, seeing all the sacrifice they have made over the years by signing their lives over to their career path shows me that we need to be supportive of them, and help them easily transition back into the civilian world, making the education process run smoothly and effectively, ensuring great assistance where needed.

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