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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Ladies, Step Up!

This is Tucker pre-kamikaze.

Today on my run things were going fairly smoothly, despite my dog having a death wish and almost running in front of a semi passing us that he clearly saw. But, after that incident a white truck passed us with a group of guys in it. It’s hot in Florida so of course I’m wearing shorts and a tank top that shows part of my sports bra. I’m not stripping though. They felt the need though to “compliment” me and honk and yell at me. Now, I’m no feminist, but I do garner respect. For anyone. Boys, girls, apes. Whoever. It’s called common courtesy. That being said, I cannot stand cat calls or honking. I don’t workout to be called like and animal. I workout for me. For my own health. It’s for my own image. And maybe for my boyfriend. But, the key word here is boyfriend. You don’t know me, nor my situation Mr. White Truck. Needless to say, some choice words came out of my mouth accompanied by some hand signals. And that was that. But, I know many women won’t stand up for themselves. Again, I had a killer dog with me. Be safe about it. I do want to know what you ladies think about this. Do you like/don’t mind the cat calls? Is it a southern thing? How do you handle being disrespected?

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Hi! I'm Shannon, a lover of dogs, coffee, books, words, and Jesus! I hold a Bachelor's in English, with a minor in Communications from Florida State University (Go 'Noles!). Take a peak around, meet Tucker, my rescue mutt, and say 'Hi!'

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