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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Short Story -Untitled-

Hey friends!

I wanted to share with you a short story/exercise I wrote for my Creative Writing class this past semester.  I really enjoyed writing it and have played with the idea of continuing it, but with some changes.  The exercise during my class called to write in third-person perspective, without insider information, if you will.  So, I couldn’t share the thoughts that were going on within the character’s heads.  I would probably change that to give the story some more explanation.  It is magical realism, in a unnamed world, so I would probably change it into more of a fantastical piece.  Anyway, I wanted to see what you thought.  I hope you enjoy!

He walked quickly down the wet pavement, heading towards 5th and Cathone Ave.  Clouds covered the city, and puddles appeared on the cobble stone streets.  He pulled his collar closer to his neck as couples ran past him, dodging rain splats.  Bowane jog-hopped across the street and into the coffee shop, barely avoiding the oncoming traffic.  He scanned the crowded tables, noticing, but choosing to ignore the strange glances that the Normals shot toward him.  After all, they weren’t anything special.  No powers, no ability to observe.  They merely looked only with their eyes.  Their experience of the world was surface-level.  Bowane more than existed.  He experienced.  Aside from that, he didn’t look like them.  That was clear.  But, looks were not of his concern.  He didn’t believe in the petty motives of the Normals.

As his eyes quickly flicked from each round and soft face to the next, he immediately was able to recognize her.  She wasn’t Elite, but not Normal either.  No, she was of a different magic, a darker magic.  This magic made the atmosphere thicker and unwelcome.  Suffocating.

Sylvia knew the moment Bowane was inside the coffee shop.  There was a cool shift in the air, but her body heated.  Slowly, she raised her eyes from the steaming cup that sat between her clasped hands, and examined the scarred face that lingered in the doorway.

As Bownae met Sylvia’s eyes, he noticed the quick waver they made from his gaze to the publishing company, Mark’s & Bros., Inc. that sat cozily amongst the tattered buildings across the way.  Her eyes dilated, and the violet within them became more prominent.

In a second’s notice, there was a loud crashing, and as Bowane turned, he saw that Mark’s & Bros., Inc. was no more than the remnants of an explosion.  Flames licked the sides of the remaining structure, and threatened to eat the publishing company’s neighbors.  Ash fell simultaneously with the splattering rain, but all that was heard was the terror spilling from the Normals’ mouths.

Despite the chaos and the frenzied crowd that pushed past him, Bowane’s eyes remained locked only on Sylvia.  She had a menacing grin.

And, within just a blink of his cold eyes, she was gone.  That was risky of her.  Too risky, with the amount of Normals around.  Bowane had the capability to follow her; to pass through a realm unknown to most in this world..  But, instead, he acted as normal as he could and sprinted outside with the rest, only instead of running away from the flames, Bowane took off toward them, letting their licking tongues envelop him.


His clothes singed, but he found an area that had already burnt out in the publishing house before his clothes became rags.  Beating at the flames on his jacket, he scanned the building.  Of course a publishing house would be perfect for hiding palpable objects because it was easy to destroy in a time of pressing danger.  But, Bowane had a hunch.  Frantically tearing through shards of burn paper and piles of ash, he finally saw what he was looking for all along.  Sylvia wasn’t as thorough as she thought.  Scraping away the debris, Bowane uncovered a large parcel, the edges of the postage paper burnt, but mostly untouched due to the mound of metal-worked machinery that covered it.  He was fortunate in that sense.  Without the fire, this would have been much more work.

Bowane heard a crescendo of voices moving his way.  He snagged the bartered package, slipped it under his coat arm, and poof.  The room was left as it was, except that Bowane and an unmarked package were nowhere to be found.


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2 comments on “Short Story -Untitled-

  1. tacitusquasque
    June 26, 2014

    Its very tempting. Good one

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