"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

My Dog Beat Up A Homeless Man

He warms my heart <3

He warms my heart <3

Yes, you read that right: My dog beat up a homeless man with a stick two days ago.  Okay, he didn’t completely beat him up, but he did smack him pretty hard.  Let me set the scene for you:


Tucker decided he was tired about a 2/3 the way done with our run, and just stopped in the middle of everything to lie down. Silly pup.

I decided to take Tucker for a run with me Wednesday afternoon for some exercise for him and some protection and motivation for myself because, you know, that crazy tongue of his is terrifying! Tucker is a Black Mouth Cur mix (we think he is part boxer).  His breed is a hunting breed.  They don’t know really how to differentiate between different speeds.  He only knows walk, and sprint.  So, taking him for a run was a way to try to train him to trot next to me, while I run so that he could burn off some of his energy that has been bubbling over with the thunderstorms rolling in here in Florida.  Anyway, we hit the concrete in the afternoon. I saw a man about a quarter of a mile ahead of us sitting on the ground, in the grass holding a cardboard sign.  I wrapped Tucker’s lease around my hands a couple more times to keep him close to me.  As we approached to pass the man, he made a comment on how adorable Tucker is, so naturally, seeing no threat and being in a very public area (people on the sidewalks, cars driving past, etc. etc.), I asked him if he wanted to pet Tucker.  Tucker gave the man a lot of kisses while the man loved on Tucker.  Tails were full wagging and slobber was flying from his crazy tongue, while the man giggled.  Tucker then noticed the cane.  This poor man’s cane lying next to him, nobody holding it, all alone in the grass.  Tucker is a chewer, so naturally he had to grab this cane on the ground. As he held it in his mouth, he turned his head and SMACK! Right into the man’s head!  I was horrified! My dog was assaulting this homeless man!  What if he tried to get a hold of the cops!  I asked if the man was okay, and he just couldn’t stop laughing!  He said that my dog was just playful and a pup.  He thanked me for stopping for him, and though I didn’t have any money on me (I typically don’t carry any while I run), and of course no food, this man was grateful!  He was happy that someone was kind enough to stop for him just to make him smile.

It was a really eye opening experience for me.  As I finished my run, I thought about this man.  I wondered if I should go back home, grab some food, and run back over to him.  By the time I got home, it was too dark for me to go back out, and I’m sure the man moved elsewhere for some shelter.  But, what I realized was that this man was in a terrible situation, being homeless, but he was still able to find joy within the day.

I have had some difficult things going on in my life recently, as some of you may have read.  I’ve felt angry at myself, sometimes Josh, and God.  Money has been tight, or I

After our run, Tucker rested with me. He thinks he is a lap dog, but obviously he isn't.

After our run, Tucker rested with me. He thinks he is a lap dog, but obviously he isn’t.

haven’t been happy with my job, but I should be thankful that I have a job, a boyfriend that cares for me, and a God that challenges me daily and loves me regardless.  Instead of focusing on the negative, I want to be like that man I encountered the other day, who despite being broke, and without a permanent house, was able to laugh at the small things in life, like a silly puppy being himself, and being, well, not the smartest dog around.


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2 comments on “My Dog Beat Up A Homeless Man

  1. JcCee
    May 30, 2014

    I love this post :)

    • Shannon
      May 30, 2014

      Thanks you! (: <3

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