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Jusin Bieber to Take on SYTYCD

Dance Spirit Magazine just shared the delightful news that JB is going to be appearing on this coming season’s So You Think You Can Dance.

The news informed viewers and readers alike that his appearance will not be limited to just one week, but will rather take course over the first few weeks of auditions, to highlight dance crews. Apparently, Bieber will be managing the whole production of presenting the crews.

Now, I am as much a fan as the next when it comes to dance crews. But, really? Justin Bieber? Why can’t Nigel Lythgoe resort to someone a little more profound, and who isn’t famous for adolescent love and crime? Someone who is really, actually hardcore because of their dance moves, someone who has hit puberty.  I suggest some of the following:

1. The JabbaWockeez-The first winners of America’s Best Dance Crew. If you haven’t heard of them, you are wrong.

2. Anthony Lee-I am not 100% sure if he has a dance crew, but his choreography is sick! Check out his YouTube feed.

3. The Jets-Yup, that’s right. The dancers from an old-school musical would be better than JB. Plus, they are pretty amazing. Disclaimer though, if you watch West Side Story, be prepared to have “Maria” stuck in your head for the rest of your life. Better than a Bieber hit, though.

4. The Wiggles-Hey, at least they offer a better example to our youth! Instead of stealing people’s cell phones, why not just do a little jig?

5. Why not this dancing cop?

Of course the list can go on. In other news, Shannon wonder’s what the world is coming to…


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2 comments on “Jusin Bieber to Take on SYTYCD

  1. Daniel
    May 28, 2014

    Um, hey Shannon. Why all the negative comments about Justin Bieber? He hasn’t hit puberty yet? Really? You still make that dumb joke? Yea I get it, he started off young and his voice wasn’t deep yet, but damn he’s freaking 20 already. He’s just like any other guy. And why hate on the fact that he’s presenting in the show? Bieber is HUGE. He’s the reason I’m even going to watch the season in the first place. So instead of being like those typical “haters” that don’t even really know much about him and believe everything they hear on the media, how bout you just keep your mouth shut and let him be. And this is coming from a 20 yr old guy.

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