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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Christmas Time is Here

Today, it has hit me that Christmas is only nine days away as I get home from presents shopping, light a sparkling spruce candle and dance to the Nutcracker as I clean the house. A shiver of excitement takes over my body and I squeal. I miss this excitement. Not necessarily for the presents, but for the memories that I will create with old family and new this year. Things will be different with the meshing of two families, and that makes me nervous. But, change is a good thing, and I see how good it is for my mom. This year I will celebrate with a dad again…not my biological, but with a dad who makes my mom giddy. You can say I’m excited.

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Hi! I'm Shannon, a lover of dogs, coffee, books, words, and Jesus! I hold a Bachelor's in English, with a minor in Communications from Florida State University (Go 'Noles!). Take a peak around, meet Tucker, my rescue mutt, and say 'Hi!'

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