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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

There is No Such Thing As Luck

This morning as I walked to the bus stop, I saw in the parking lot a penny face down. I didn’t pick it up because of the belief that it would be bad luck.

But, I was reminded of my mom as I looked at this copper coin. My mom would have picked it up and placed it safely in her pocket for later use. Maybe she would put it into a jar full of copper and silver coins or maybe it would make the difference for a bill at the store. Perhaps she would use it as a tool to scratch off the covering a McDonald’s monopoly piece. Whatever it was, she would use that little coin to make a difference in her life, which is what I would call lucky. But, what is luck? Really, there isn’t such a thing if you give it intense thought. As Christians, we are taught in the bible that there is one God and an evil force that is trying to oppose a God who loves us dearly; that force being Satan. As Christians, we have gotten into the habit of wishing people luck, or not picking up face down coins because they are ‘bad luck.’ Referring to my mom’s use of a coin, that would be far from bad luck, whether that coin was face down or not. Instead, she would see that coin as a blessing. More often than not, when my mom has picked up a coin, she has exclaimed, “Ah-hah!” Showing her joy for her favor. God has blessed het. Our society reaches otherwise, though. It teaches us phrases like, “What goes around, comes around,” or, “Break a leg,” to wish someone good luck. I do believe that there are circumstances in which we may have a misfortune or trial, but it doesn’t mean we have bad luck. On the contrary, we have been blessed as Christians. How? The bible tells us that trials happen so that we can learn to trust God more and more, and to strengthen our faith and give us hope of a better tomorrow. We are suppose to take joy in our trials or ‘bad luck’ because God is teaching us more about how glorious He is. We aren’t unlucky, we are blessed beyond belief. So, instead of waking past a face down coin, go ahead and pick it up. That can be a huge blessing in disguise of a small object. And, instead of wishing somein luck, exclaim how happy you are for their blessings and tell them how God is working in their lives. You may be planting that seed.

What type of superstitiona or lucky sayings or routines do you have?


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