"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

It’s my senior year!…Wait, say what!?

That’s right, folks.  This past Monday, I started back to school at the top of the food chain, as some of you ladies and gents might say.


Me on Monday before all the running around...I look like I was ready to take on take world.

 I’m now officially a senior in college. Most people would be super excited and also feel a little sense of nervousness from the unknown of the future, wanting to never graduate.  That was not my initial reaction.  I’ve been over school for awhile now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love love love FSU and college, but I’m just tired of the whole concept of school.  You see, this summer I realized just how stupid our grading system really is.  Oh, you get the concept? That’s wonderful!  Here’s the first letter of the alphabet as a reward.  Insert a not amused face here.  I work my butt off for just a letter? That’s wonderful.

Anyway, I’m ready to work.  I had the privilege this summer to do just that.  I worked at FSU Communications’ Creative Services (where I’m still working and am writing this to you right now…maybe I should get back to work…..), building the new website for the Veterans’ Center of FSU.  I loved(love) it!  I’ve been learning so much, and am getting paid for it, which is always a plus in my book, whereas, going back to class means I’m loosing money…lots and lots of money to pay professors to give me a letter in the alphabet that pretty much determines my future.  Sucky, right?  Okay, okay, back to telling you about my week thus far.

So, I started back on Monday with a ton of anxiety.  I think I was worried about Intermediate Spanish, which I’m taking this semester, obviously.  I took Spanish 2 last semester and it kicked my butt, though I did amazing in Spanish 1.  However, Javier, my instructor dude seems pretty good in terms of being a teacher, and my roommate had him before, saying that he is an easy grader (let’s hope that hasn’t changed!).  After attending all of my classes for the first time, that anxiety slowly went away, though, some worry sprouted up again due to some schedule issues.

At FSU, they won’t allow your classes to overlap when you are signing up…It will actually give you a warning when going through that process.  I never got that warning this time around, which was good because everything was working out the way I needed it to.  Or so I thought…We recently switched over to a new program for handling all of the scheduling and what not and even our faculty and staff are confused by it.  That being so, it never showed me the issue with my schedule.  I have a class on Wednesdays that is suppose to end at the same time another begins, and both classes are in seperate buildings.

I went to my advisors office on Monday to try and sort that issue out, as well as try to sign up to have my Spanish class count as only pass/fail so that it wouldn’t affect my GPA, just on the off chance that it kicks my butt like Spanish 2.  I was in my advisors office for three freaking hours!  I had to wait an hour, then leave for class, only to come back to wait another two hours.  And, my conversation was only about ten minutes.  Insert another unamused face here.  I found out that I had to go to the Foreign Languages Department to get pass/fail for Spanish, and that I should just talk to my professors about leaving one class early or arriving late to the other on Wednesdays.  And, my advisor added, if that doesn’t work, drop one of those classes, but not speech, which is one I need in order to graduate.  The thing with my schedule this semester is that I need everything on it in order to graduate….not just a similar topic class, but those exact classes.  And those were the only times that would all fit together.  So, I had talked to one of my professors about coming no later than five minutes late and she said if that were the case that I would have to drop the class. But thankfully, the other professor that has the earlier class in this situation has a heart and gave me the okay to leave a little early in order to make it to my other class. So, that was Monday….ish.
Tuesday, I picked up my graduation check, which isn’t money, sadly enough, but is just a check to make sure you are on track to graduate. Apparently, I’m suppose to take one more class during the summer. I’m graduating in the spring. That’s not happening. So, next week I have to make a trip to my Dean’s office to plead to have that summer class waived. I mean, I’m a poor college kid who can’t afford a summer course because Bright Futures doesn’t cover the summer (thanks so much, Florida. I see how much you value education).
Aside from all that mumbo jumbo, this week has been pretty good. I’m excites for all my classes, which are as follows:
Modern Irish drama (like plays and playwrights)
Public speaking, with a focus on art criticism
Basketball (woot! It feels like high school all over again, but in a good way)


Yay for basketball!

And, advanced editing and writing, which is supposedly the boot camp for my major. I’m a little nervous about that, but I am also excited to develop my art even more.
So, there you have it. I will fill you guys in more as this semester progresses. In the meantime, you should go read about some of my epic fails this week (just sit down!) I would link it for you guys here, but I’m finishing this post on my phone and have no clue how to do that from here. Anyway, hope all of you are having a good, easy going, and productive week.


A pretty day on campus.


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