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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Rocking Horse

She was an only child; one that a parent’s love was extra special for.  With long, golden curly locks, and a toothy grin, her parents swooned over her.  She was a blessing to them; an unexpected gift.  They were told it was impossible to happen; she couldn’t become pregnant, but the Lord favored her.  A happy marriage became a happy family.

With this new blessing came many gifts.  A golden-haired child was showered.  Some may say that she was spoiled, but she was an honest child with a loving and humble heart.  Everyone fell in love with her, bringing her baby dolls and teddy bears, tea party sets, and costumes.  These items filled her room.  It was a magical toy land.

Rocking HorseBut, she had only one love, an eye for the majestic.  Colored glossy gray, with speckled spots on the hide, curing lines, and flowing black-tipped hair, a brown seat topped off the rocking horse.  This wasn’t the typical rocking horse; it was not dull, but, rather it took her breath away.  She could escape across flowered meadows into snow-capped mountains and worlds beyond, while staying safely inside the house on rainy days, or too hot afternoons.  She could ride for hours an hours, getting lost within her own imagination.  When an interruption would come, she would simply nod in recognition, lean forward, and whisper into her great stead’s ear, “Faster.”  Away she would go.

When she came of an age where her parents deemed her too old to rock, she begged.  She would be fine if they took her dolls, tea sets, the pink and  the tutus; take the white, the fluff, the pearls, ribbon, and tulle.  But, she explained, she would never be the same without this noble animal.  As they removed it from her room, saying she was too big and would get hurt, she made a vow that she would never forget her oldest friend.  He would be in her heart forever.

As she grew, this friend never left.  Years later, in her middle age, she would still see him, free from the curved would that once held his hoofs, galloping next to her car, running in fields, over mountains and through streams.  He may be gone, to another appreciative child that hopefully would be entrance like she was once, but his wild spirit carried on, entwining itself with her own.


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