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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Editorial Review

This is a great post about the process of being an effective and efficient editor, which is something I strive for each time I edit. I intern at the Student Veterans’ Center of FSU as an editing intern, and one such job I do is edit students’ papers. I love doing this because I love to edit, and I love to see that “ah-hah!” moment when the idea clicks, and the creative juices flow. Recently, I came in contact with an inspiring author who is working on a book. He has sent me fragments here and there, asking for my opinion, and he has talked to me about publishing. I’ve mentioned self-publishing because it seems legitimate to me, though I’ve never published before. We have discussed the possibility of hire for me to edit and review his work, which has me really excited, but it hasn’t really gone anywhere. I guess, I’m curious as to what to do to approach this situation? I would love the opportunity to help out, and get some more practice. As a student who will soon be a young professional, experience is everything to me. I would love this opportunity. Any thoughts?
I want to see this opportunity take off so that I can move forward with my skill. This is something I have worked on all my life, and would love to carry it over into my workspace, perhaps creating a new workspace for myself from it. How do I start? Do I need prior experience with, say, a newspaper,or something along those lines? I know many of you guys are professionals. What did you do to get started?

Live to Write - Write to Live

F:SEOAfterTheFirstDraftAfterTheFirstDraftCoverwithConfusedPerIn addition to writing my own fiction and essays, I also take on a variety of editorial work. Recently, a first-time novelist hired me to read her first draft.

It was good, and I told her so. I congratulated her on writing it all the way through to the end.

She said she was so sick of it, she wasn’t sure she’d go back and revise it, but still wanted me to read it with the hope that she’d learn something for her next attempt.

I told her being sick of a first draft is pretty normal, and the best thing she could do was get it off her desk for a while. That is, get it off her desk without making the mistake of sending it out to agents or editors. It’s rare that any first draft is ready for that. Most first drafts, in fact, are really messy…

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