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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish the sentence: “My closet friend is…”

My closest friend is the personality in others.  They can be found with compassion, humor, truth, honesty, love, endearment.  They are the friend that is always there for me; who never leaves me high and dry.  They lead me to the truth.  The show me what it means to live.  They express love.    They show me how to love.  They lift me up, encourage me.  They love me for me.  These people are a product of my closet friend; Jesus.  A righteous and loving being; one that will always love me, despite my lies and mistakes and the numerous times I turn away from Him, He will always love me.  That is a true friend.  My closest friends are products of God.  My best friend, Erica, who has such a loving heart, and is always so positive.  She is an encouragement of how to be a strong woman.  Jodie, my biggest sister, with her well-defined personality.  She is a prime example of how to love all who I meet, regardless of who they are.  Her love for her husband is what I strive for in my personal relationship with my loved one.  She is my go-to person.  The one I can trust.  My mom, who will always have my back, but also, shows me respect, and has taught me so much throughout the years.  My sister, Amber, who shows me the joy of being  my silly self, while having a little sass.  Steven, my big bro and hero. He is God’s way of teaching me the difference between the good men, and the bad.  Andrew, my boyfriend.  He has encouraged me in so many ways, helping me reach my goals and becoming a young professional.  He has taught me that it is okay to trust.  My roommates, Melissa and Pascale, who show never-ending love for all, as well as for God. They always point me in the direction of God, of what is right, pure, and good. These are my closest friends.  Each represents characteristics of the greatest friend I have, which is God.  God knows that sometimes we need those people we can physically interact with; who we can hug, laugh with, cry with.  God has given each of them a piece of Himself so that I can see how great He is!  That is my closest friend.  My closest friend is the King of Kings, the Almighty, the One and ONLY God!


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