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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Daily Prompt: No, Thank You!

Daily Prompt: If you could ban a word, what would it be and why? 

We all have our favorite words and our least favorite words.  Some are just fun to say and other’s hold a significant meaning.  Some are regional, others are common use.  One such word that is regional that annoys the crap out of me is the term “ya’ll.”  As I type it here, it becomes underlined in red to show that it isn’t even a true word, and yet it appears in the dictionary.  Why does it annoy the crap out of me, you may ask?  Just say it aloud a couple of times.  Doesn’t it make you sound like you aren’t educated?  Now, I digress, I have many intelligent friends that use this term, family, and even my significant other.  However, it’s just so country and southern.  Yup, I’m a north westerner.  My parents are both from New York and I’m from Utah…Salt Lake City, to be exact.  That’s northern Utah.  So, in a sense, I’m a Yankee.  We don’t use terms like “ya’ll.”  We use “you guys.”  Not “yous guys,” but “you guys.”  “Ya’ll” is uncomfortable for me.  It is awkward.  It sounds weird.  And, in the words of my big sis, “It’s a lazy way of saying “you all.”

Here are some words that I wish people would pronounce correctly too, inspired by this lovely post.

Coupons-its not cu-pons, but Q-pons.

Mature-not ma-tour.

Nevada-people in Nevada, say Ne-V-A-Da, not Ne-vaaa-da.

Speaking of pronunciation, I thought I would share one of my favorite songs from one my favorite movies.  Moses Supposes from Singing in the Rain. Enjoy!

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