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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Dreams that Haunt My Day

Lately, I have been having some weird dreams. Not weird, as on giant bunnies that are multicolored hopping around while you skip next to them in a state of euphoria (although I did recently have a dream about bunnies). What I mean are dreams that are on the darker side;

dreams that are somewhat haunting with a tinge of evil, though this is not always experienced within the dream state. I wouldn’t call all of them nightmares, because, like the one I had last night, not all evoke fear while happening. However, they do leave an unpleasant taste in ky mouth, and a sort of hum in my mind for says to come.
I had one such dream last night. A dream that makes little sense, but nonetheless has freaked me out, to put it in simple terms. I can understand why certain aspects of my dream were included due to experiences throughout the day. The main character: a friend of mine whom I talked to via Facebook last night. The weapon: a knife, though it did not replicate the one that I duly notes having because of recent robberies and breakins in my apartment complex. Why these two things stood out is still unclear. However, my dream is still as alive as ever.
I was getting together with my friend who will go unnamed, to spend some time with him. We were walking the streets, which ending up being on slanting hills in the metropolis. It became a type of a game, as new objects were added to the city. They were these sort of bars that were taller than the buildings and connected across the top, resulting in four different poles. Each pole had a cushion that was a firmer soft plastic covered ball of fluff, kind of like the soft dodgeballs you play with in gym when you aren’t trying to get hurt with a regular dodge ball. Either way, we were running from these, again, making a sort of game out of it. My friend was carrying a gun and a long knife. To get past a pole and assist me to the other side, he had me hold the knife. Thankfully, at this part of the dream, things are extremely vague, and unclear.
However, next thing I’m aware of is that I need stitches. Not on my arm, not my leg, but on my face. My lips had to be sewn, as well as one of my eyelids. It was thick embroidery floss that was white, and used a regular sewing needle. That part was very clear, and makes me uneasy to even think about. It is something that I would, in real life, scream about. A true horror film status. Each needle stroke was shown and observed in detail. I feared to have my lips sewn together like the masks of the band members in SlipKnot, a band I don’t listen to because they freak me out.
The end result allowed me to speak, with lips seen separately, however, with a puffy mouth and black eye. I don’t remember the rest if the dream, but am utterly terrified, though, from the dreamt emotions, I was okay with it all. All I ask is for prayer for relief from dreams like this one. A restful night of sleep. Perhaps I will be more comfortable knowing that a special someone is lying next to me when he is home. Only three more days….

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