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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Deployment Day: 1

Well, today my boyfriend left for a three week deployment.  I’m super thankful that it is only three weeks and he isn’t going to be in the Middle East.  That lucky duck is going to Italy. He’s on the plane right now and I’ve been asking everyone to pray for him and his travels.  And to pray for the both of us too.  I’ve done the whole long distance thing before and I’m not a huge fan.  And, I know it could be so much worse, such as, six months or a year without communication.  Praise the Lord that he will be safe and will be able to communicate, and come home soon.  But I will miss him.  I already do.  But, I know it will work.  Andrew is a sweetheart and is making this easier.  He has already called me and texted me at least three times, while he has been on a layover.  That’s what’s so amazing about him…He truly cares and makes an effort.  I’ve never met a man like that before, and I feel so blessed. 

I did pretty well saying goodbye to him last night.  I held back the tears.  I know that three weeks isn’t long at all, but there is just something there when you know that the person you care the most about is going to be away in another country.  Honestly, though, the timing couldn’t be any better.  I will be heading out on vacation this coming week, too, for my big brother’s wedding.  God really is amazing and is showing me how He works in mysterious ways.  Originally, Andrew thought he was going to have to go to South Korea for two weeks instead.  You can imagine how I felt about that one.  Especially, considering everything that has been going on over there.  That’s not to say that everywhere else is safe.  We all know that isn’t the case.  But, it was such a relief and comfort to find he was going to Italy, even thought it’s without me.  There’s a ping of jealousy, but in a good way.   So, I suppose this will be day one of deployment.  I’m waiting to get the call that he landed safely, which will probably be sometime in the middle of the night here, but he knows that I will always answer for him. 

In the meantime, I am searching to find a great and personal birthday gift for him…his birthday is the 24th, and we won’t be able to celebrate until he gets back, which is obvious, and thankfully so.  I have no clue what to get him!  He is kind of hard to shop for, like most guys, especially on a college budget, but I have some ideas up my sleeves.  I’m thinking of trying to make an ice cream cake for him too…maybe.  We shall see how that goes. 

Anyway, please keep us in your prayers, and I will keep you updated. Much ado!

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