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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

The Elegance of a Stage

picture of big brick building

Westcott Building of FSU

Where I work shares a building with a performing arts auditorium.  As some of you may have noticed, I work with FSU Communications’ Creative Services, building the new website for the Veterans’ Center of FSU.  We aren’t involved with this auditorium, but have a suite in the building.  In a way, the building is kind of eclectic.  You have our offices/suite, some other FSU Communications’ offices downstairs, the President’s office upstairs, as well as some other big wigs of FSU.  And, often times, students will have class in here.  But it is a gorgeous building, to say the least, and one that takes me back to my high school days.  

When I entered high school, I wanted to find my niche; a place to make friends, enjoy myself, and feel like I fit in to the equation.  After trying, unsuccessfully, cross-country track for a semester, I realized that school sports wasn’t just cutting it for me.  I had some friends that danced at a local dance studio with a Christian point of view.  I went and tried out a few classes here and there and immediately fell in love. 

Group of dancers in green costumes

Photo Credit: Destiny Dance Center

Dance has always intrigued me.  There was always something about how effortlessly ballerinas and dancers could move their bodies and fly.  It was enchanting.  It was beautiful.  And what made this particular dance studio emulate that beauty was through the ministry.  Destiny Dance Center taught dance with a Christian perspective, always encouraging dancers in their walk of faith with the Lord, and using the language of the body to witness to others, while glorifying God.  Dance was a form of praise.  And, because of that, every dancer I watched at Destiny had a glow on their face that radiated as they executed any move, simple to the most challenging Fouette.  I was immediately sucked in.

All our hard work, fun, and practice led up to the end of the year recital.  This was the grand performance for the entire studio.  It was held at a local performing arts private school on their beautiful stage. The elegant bathrooms backstage would house the older girls with their multiple costume changes, such as I always imagine how the performances here in Westcott.  

Whenever I enter this building, I go back to my high school days, imagining the hype and nerves that came with a big performance.  I reminisce the times spent backstage, impatiently waiting in a cloud of hairspray for my next turn to wow the audience as I leaped and spun across stage, having the pinks and blues of the lighting system reflect off my white smile.  

I often long for those days, wishing that I could return and dance on Company for another year or more.  There is a certain grace that overcomes you as you humbly approach the great stage, knowing that you have to work together for a beautiful and successful performance.  Whether it be at the local performing arts school, or here in Westcott, or some other skillfully crafted stage, I will always be moved into the awe, mystery, and enchantment of my heart’s language, Dance. 

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