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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Oh, my life sometimes part 2…

Well, guys, there has been even more of a development in the restaurant escapade that occurred to me, even though I am not working there.  If you missed what exactly I am talking about, you can find the original post here.To catch you up quickly, I was given a job at a restaurant here in town, which I will not name, that is running a really shady business.  When we left off last time, I obviously left after the third day of training because many things were brought to my attention.  Did I mention in the first post that they didn’t have me fill out a tax form?  Yea, ’cause I just want to get to know the IRS soo badly.  Well, where I left off on my original post, and what really solidified my decision to not carry on with the job was that my boss, the owner of the joint, got arrested my third day of work.  Kind of sketchy if you ask me.

A friend of mine, after all this had happened, looked up this man online, where we found his criminal record.  It looks like this wasn’t even his first arrest, folks.  Yup, this guy is a real winner.  Homeboy here had been arrested for Grand Theft Auto before too. 

So, all of this makes sense for me to decide to not go back, right?  I mean, pretty justifiable to not want to get involved with some shady stuff and with breaking the law, if you ask me.  Well, my friend that originally put me on the schedule sent me a text yesterday asking what happened, and how it “wasn’t cool” that I up and quit after he got me a job.  Really!?  Are you freaking kidding me?!  So, you just think it is okay to work at a place that isn’t even an accredited business and that isn’t meeting up with government policy, as well as many other illegal things, such as the consumption of substances, while also NOT getting paid in a timely manner.  Right, ’cause that makes sense.  I explained to him that I was extremely grateful for what he did and never meant to make him look bad or upset him, but found that it wasn’t the right fit for me after everything went down.  And that it made me uncomfortable.  He has the right to be mad?  He never even told me that the boss owns him a substantial amount of money, nor that he is leaving the job himself this summer.  I hope all of you realize that I am rolling my eyes while I’m writing this because its just so stupid, ridiculous!  I mean, how do you expect someone to act when they walk into a situation like this?  Am I in the wrong??

Side note:  Never heard back from my friend. 


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