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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

ForThePromptless: Vision Board

A vision board is a great way to visually determine your wants, desires, and goals.  This can be a list, collage or something completely different, like a scrapbook or journal.  When it comes to vision boards, I think that though it is great to visualize your goals, it can also be a dangerous thing to do.  Being humans, we automatically seek out the material items.  We have been blessed to enjoy what God has placed on this Earth, but it can become a double-edged sword.  We can become materialistic, and desire more and more, placing these items above more important things, such as our faith.  These items can become idols.  The Bible talks of idols and how we should not place anything above God.  I think of the story in Exodus 32, where Aaron and his people built a golden calf to worship.  It was an honor, even in those days, to own gold, but the people placed too much of a value on it.  I know what you are thinking…You probably are thinking, “C’mon Shannon, that was in the olden days!  We aren’t that silly now!”  Well, folks, we are just as capable now as they were then, if not more.  In a society that values celebrities to almost god-like power, everyday we are bombarded by idols.  It’s okay to like a celebrity and enjoy their talent, but I feel like when we follow their every move, there is a slight issue.  We should be following God’s every move.  Now, I’m not just preaching it here; this is something I need to focus on myself.  I am by no means perfect and there are so many things I desire in this life.  But, the Bible tells us that if we, “Take delight in the Lord, he will give us the desires of our heart.”  -Psalm 37:4.  God knows that I desire a fulfilling, godly relationship and marriage in the future.  And I have no doubt that He has a plan for me.  I’m not sure what His plan is, only He knows, but He knows that that is what I long for.  But, God desires a relationship with us!!!  He wants you to have a fulfilling relationship with Him first.  That is what I am learning right now.  Sure, that is what I would put on my vision board: a healthy and happy marriage, where I would look forward to starting a family and coming home every day to the man I love, but God should be the first thing that is placed on my vision board.  A relationship with him is the best thing I could ever hope for or dream of, and yet, I get distracted by worldly things, just like everyone else.  

One thing that I particularly am worried about and desire is a second job to be able to save a little and work my way through college.  I have an anxiety disorder and I feel that every time I fall into worrying excessively, I am almost raising my anxiety to a level of idolatry.  Is that weird?  I am giving it a leg up, though, and am allowing it to take over my life.  God should be who I am allowing to run my life.  Now, God always has control on our lives. Period.  He is the Almighty.  Whether you feel it or not, He is working.  But, when I allow my anxiety to take hold, I am letting the negative take over, and that little voice becomes more prominent, making me focus on the little lies Satan tells us when we worry.  

Today, I pray that God will be first on my vision board and that I will rely on Him and Him alone. Is He your main focus?  I ask for you to join me in prayer and pray for me, and those around you.  And pray for yourself.  We are allowed to, you know?  God wants to know what is on our minds and hearts.  So, tell him!  Let’s see how our life changes as we place God as number one on our vision boards.  


About Shannon

Hi! I'm Shannon, a lover of dogs, coffee, books, words, and Jesus! I hold a Bachelor's in English, with a minor in Communications from Florida State University (Go 'Noles!). Take a peak around, meet Tucker, my rescue mutt, and say 'Hi!'

10 comments on “ForThePromptless: Vision Board

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  3. rarasaur
    May 23, 2013

    This makes sense to me, but I think the goal of the vision board is actually to let people look beyond their materialistic goals. Sometimes we see something shiny, and we want it– but if we think about it, we want something that shiny thing represents– security, knowledge, comfort, purpose. :) I loved your thoughtful perspective on this. :) Thanks for writing it!

    • Shannon
      May 23, 2013

      Yea, that absolutely makes sense. Thanks for stopping by! (:

  4. Lois Yoon
    May 24, 2013

    Thanks for sharing ;) This is something that I struggled through in my first year as an undergraduate student, and I can relate to you! I agree with you, though, that vision boards are amazing ways to keep track of our goals! You can always use these boards to also keep track of your spirituality and what you value above others (your faith, God, religious values). Think of a vision board as a blank canvas, and fill it up with what represents who you are, what interests you, and etc. I encourage you to create a vision board about these same beliefs and values that you talk about here! BettyVision is an online social platform that allows for its members to easily create vision boards and share them with others! I’d love to see what you have to share and feel free to roam around and view others’ as well!

    • Shannon
      May 28, 2013

      Thank you for stopping by! I’ll check it out (:

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