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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Oh my life sometimes…

Well, readers, its been another couple of busy weeks.  I have now moved into my first owned place and out of the dorms with two amazing roommates.  We have been so blessed with finding a place to stay that would allow all three of us to stick together.  These two girls I roomed with this past year and they are absolutely wonderful!  My move-in process went really well, with the help of my boyfriend and his roommate, who loaded up their cars and moved everything for me.  And I am settling in well. 

I went to start training at a new job this past Saturday and that was an interesting experience, to say the least.  I will not name the location or people involved, but I am not sure how long this will go unnoticed.  I started serving at a restaurant here in town that my friend works for.  I was really thankful for it because I didn’t have to go through the whole application and interview process.  He simply put me on the schedule.  Well, when I got to work, I met the owner, and figured I would fill out some paper work, but I never did.  No tax forms or anything.  That was sign number one.  As I met and visited with my co-workers, I heard more about who they were and noted that I wouldn’t really have any desire to hang out with them outside of work.  They do drugs and get drunk all the time.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I will have an alcoholic beverage on occasion, but only on special occasions and I will maintain myself and regulate my drinking.  I personally do not see any value in wasting your life or money on getting intoxicated.  Okay, rant over.  They seemed like nice people, though, and despite their horrible language, were very nice to me.  However, one off-putting thing when I first came in was the first piece of advice I received from who I was going to be trained by, which was, “Don’t sleep with any of the guys you work with.”  Um, who do you think I am???  Really?  Even as I write this to you, I am rolling my eyes.  That is not me in the least bit. 

Anyway, as I learned more about my job, I learned more about the business, and inevitably the truths of how it worked.  Apparently, the owner owed a lot of money to every employee, some being caught up to just the beginning of April on their paychecks, while others were down thousands, yes, thousands, of dollars.  At first, I took that with a grain of salt, thinking that they were trying to pull my leg or something, but then I heard it from every employee, which had me worried. 

So, naturally, I checked online on the Better Business Bureaus website to see if there were any complaints.  And, you guessed it, the business wasn’t listed!  It’s not an accredited business, which seems really shady to me.  

As things escalated, one employee heard of my other job, which is web development and asked if I could do something for an entrepreneurship-type job and how much I charged.  I told him we could negotiate, and being the curious person I am, asked him what his business was.  And he answered, “Drug smuggling with Build-A-Bear-type toys!”  Again, who do you think I am!?!  I am definitely NOT helping with that.  I have never been involved with any forms of drugs or tobacco or anything, and I would like to keep it that way.

But, what really topped off this whole escapade was what occurred Monday, my third day of training.  Everything was set up for business and we were just waiting for the regulars to come in, when the owner came in with the police, saying he had to go with them and that he would be back later.  Yes, folks, he got arrested!!!  No handcuffs, but he had to get in the police car.  Others speculated that this was not his first time missing a court date and that is why he was in trouble.  He also, apparently, has many DUIs and after doing some more online research, has been arrested before for Grand Theft Auto! 

Needless to say, I decided that this place was not my calling nor would it help with my new bills that will be coming with my new place. 

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