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"Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Christianity and Homophobia

Homophobia is defined as having a fear of homosexuals.  It is a misconception that Christians are homophobic.  Today, a friend of mine “came out,” as it were.  Now this wasn’t the first time I’ve had someone come out to me.  In fact, I have encountered this numerous times as I have grown older.  Many of you may be wondering how I responded to this being that I am a believer and follower of Christ, and that the Bible discusses how homosexuality is a sin.  Many would expect Christians to shun this classification of people in our society. However, I think that is completely wrong and it disgusts me that some people who claim to be Christians do so.

Many of my friends that have come out to me have waited up to years to tell me themselves.  Now, let’s be honest, many of them I already kind of found it out, but I was and am still friends with them.  Many have feared that I would shun them because of my beliefs and also because of some personal experiences with someone who was very close to me, and brought some troubles into my life because of his or her decision.  Yes, I do believe it is a decision, but I do not know if this spurns from something deeper, such as a gene or what-have-you.  However, I believe that you have the opportunity to seek Christ and ask Him to help you with this struggle.  That does seem pretty harsh, right?  In my opinion, no, it doesn’t because it is the same with any sin or struggle we have.  This is applicable to those who struggle with temptations, addictions, swearing, lying, whatever.  In God’s eyes, EVERYTHING is equal.  Every sin is a sin.  There is no scale.  And yet, He loves us all the same, no matter what the sin is. 

And this is my point:  I love you regardless of your choices, beliefs, perspectives, or decisions.  I feel bad that these people have struggled so much and have stressed so much to the point of avoiding me because they fear that I will shun them, condemn them, or judge them.  That is not my place at all.  Yes, I may not agree, but you are still my friends; the same people that I fell in love with so long ago.  And I will continue to love you and pray for you, just as Christ did for me and for you, and for everyone. 

It is sad for me to see a “nation under God” making these decisions, but I can only pray and share my love like God loved us.  God loved us sooo much that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die a painful, sorrowful, ultimately the worst death known because of all our sins were place on him, just so that we could have a relationship with God.  In the same way, I will have a relationship with you to encourage you and share my faith with you, as well as be a good friend; someone that you can come to, and can trust.  I feel bad because our society thinks that Christians hate homosexuals or those who are part of the LGBT community.  My question is, if you are a Christian, where is the love that God has showed you?  The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself.  That means anyone who is part of this community, who are orphaned, homeless, ugly, rich, beautiful, poor, straight, odd, normal, ANYONE. 

So, let me clarify, as Christians, let us show God’s love for everyone, regardless of who they are. 


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